The Perfume Factory

Public Consultation
The Perfume Factory
North Acton

The vision for The Perfume Factory is to create a vibrant, high quality, mixed-use development that seeks at its heart to be the best Private Rented Sector (PRS) development in London.

We aim to provide an exceptional environment that combines high quality homes, public realm and associated facilities alongside modern, flexible retail space and a new hotel.

Who We Are

as a company we strive
to put an end to the
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Faceless overseas landlords
Unresponsive landlords with no reason to comply
An end to uncertain short leases
Ghost towns or silo communities
Poor quality rented housing

The Design Team

7th December 2016

First public consultation

8th December 2016

Second public consultation

17th February 2017

Planning submission

June 2017

Application considered by planning committee

Late 2017

Construction begins

Mid 2020

Construction completed